Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A few more textile related pictures. You see textiles in the most unusual places. While we were waiting for the air to be let out of our tires last Thursday evening, before our trip to the desert, we were invited to ride on some camels. The camels are so beautifully decorated, both with crocheted "snoods" for their noses -

And the array of tassels they wear.

Here are a couple more pictures of our shopping trip. More combinations of fabrics to choose from. I am not sure exactly who these are aimed at. There are very few Indian or Pakistani women here, only the men come here to work and I have never seen Indian men shopping here. The Qatari women supposedly wear very elaborate clothing under their abayas, and I see many Qatari women shopping in the souq, buying really gorgeous painted silks and sequined fabrics.

A never ending supply of ideas! You can see, the one I chose was middle row, furthest to the left. I will do a blog next on our trip to the desert, it was quite different going with a large group of people, and this time we stayed overnight.
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