Saturday, January 24, 2015



a) left hand side of page
b) right hand side of page

1a FW ink applied with a brush
1b Acrylic paint applied with toothpicks held together with duct tape

2a Punched paper dots
2b Photocopied fabrics

3a Felt pen
3b Torn newspaper

4a Pressed charcoal stick and fixative
4b Chalk and fixative

5a Ink applied with spruce branch tip
5b Ink applied with Mugo Pine branch tip

6a Ink applied with scrunched up tracing paper
6b Black paper strips

7a Black and white Conte crayons rubbed over corrugated cardboard
7b Black Conte crayon rubbed over corrugated coardboard, heavier then lighter touch

8a White paper strips on black paper
8b Mixed media, black paper strips, photocopied fabric, newspaper and tissue paper

9a Mixed media, ink applied with credit card, felt pen, chalk, conte crayon and tissue paper
9b Paper covered with black Quik ink with bleach applied with Q-tip

10a Thumb prints made with FW ink
10b FW ink applied with Q-tip

Several of these tonal studies remind me of a Loon.  Since there is a debate going on right now in Canada about choosing a national bird, one of the choices being a Loon - I will find a picture and add it to the blog as it has very distinctive markings which would be interesting to explore further.


  1. Oh I love this idea for a sketchbook exercise. Just wondering if you could comment on 'tone'...versus 'value'...or is it meant to be similar? (I'm taking Elizabeth Barton's Master Class and January was all about value studies...) Thanks!

  2. Invaluable studies. Such a wide range. What a lot of work.