Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As the days get warmer and the further afield I need to go to explore new things, I find my blog is getting less frequent. There are lots of things I want to see and do, but heat definitely becomes a factor. On the weekend we went to an outdoor movie in the grounds of the Museum. As with every night, it was warm and breezy on the edge of the ocean. A lovely evening to be outside. The movie was called The Identity of the Soul. One night it was shown in Arabic and the next English. The film is on five large screens and is about revenge, reconciliation and the individual and is on a world tour - so see it if it comes to your town. In the English Version, Vanessa Redgrave is the narator. It is about two poems, one Terje Vigen by Henrik Ibsen and the other A soldier Dreams of White Lilies by Mahmoud Darwish. The picture doesn't really give you much of a sense of the scene. But what was equally as fascinating as the film were the white plastic chairs which were set out for the masses, then there were a few rows of the same seats but they had gold fabric covers and looked very elegant considering, then in front of that was a row of very elaborate plush high backed large armchair seats where the VIPs sat. Typical stratas of society around here. However, the whole thing was free and disappointingly poorly attended. However, the home team was playing soccer at the same time,and everything stops for that - so hopefully the night before was more popular.

Normally I can see the sea and quite a ways into the distance from my window, but occasionally we get these fogs or maybe sandstorms I am not sure which it is - a combination really. Walking outside with all the sand from the construction blowing in your face, I can see why people cover their faces here - it is a real necessity. It gets in your hair too - so covering your head isn't a bad idea. I bought a couple of cheap scarves for the next time. I didn't want a fancy scarf as it would just get covered in this very fine dusty sand that gets into everything.

We were going to go away for a break, but there really wasn't much time to fit it in before I go away and in the end we just stayed home. Derek still hasn't lost his touch for fancy breakfasts and this was a nice surprise to wake up to. The additional different fruit is guava, second from the top, and a very sour green plum on top(which we have a case of unfortunately - pays to do your research ahead of time). I will have to get creative to find a way to eat them. They are very crunchy, like an apple, but very tart and about the size of a crabapple. The guavas fill the house with perfume as you walk in the house. I will continue with the blog on my return.
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