Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Went to my second art class today - boy, are they tough. We did the drawing upside down exercise, but the number of lines in the drawings were astounding. Mine was of a geisha girl with a million folds in her clothing - slight exageration, but I kept getting lost. She told us to just reveal a little of the drawing at a time and to work our way down very slowly. Very interesting exercise. Much more practice is required! This time I got to the class early and had time to chat with a few of the others who were early too. A first for me, as I met three people in the class - one who had been at the Quilt Guild meeting and I didn't recognize her, but she had thought she had met me before. The other girl is the wife of someone Derek works with and the third person was born in the same place I was in England. It truly is a small world.
After the class I went across the road to the Islamic museum again. I hadn't been back since the first day I was here pretty much. Since then I have got a book on the history of Islamic Art and Architecture. It is a small book, but packed with information. It was interesting to return to the museum this time with some understanding of the history and where the influences were coming from. Lots more to learn, but was fun to see things with a fresh eye.

I thought this time I would show some pictures of the museum's interior. The architecture is truly stunning. Lots of people who have been here have told me they don't think there is much in the way of art in the museum. However, I think if they have read some history, they would be amazed at how many important things historically are in here. What's more they are displayed in such a way as you can often see the underside or backs of things which are equally or more decorated. The top picture is of the inside of the dome -
full of different planes, like the rest of the building. The second picture is of the staircase, or at least the bottom of it. It really does seem to float and cause a pattern of its own.

This is the bottom of the staircase - beautiful tiling. I think this pattern has a name but am not sure if this is the bent palm one or not. Anyway, it is a stylized version of a design you see in a lot of places.

This is the ceiling in the hall way both to the washrooms! but also to the other building which will house the library and education centre. I am told this part will be open in October. I have some pictures of the outside area at the end of this corridoor of a beautiful courtyard. I will put those on tomorrow.
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