Saturday, May 9, 2009

We went looking for Al Khor island last Friday. However, when we got there, we realized the information we had from the Natural History Group lacked the map which we hadn't realized didn't print off. Still, no worries for these intrepid explorers. We think we found the place, but when they said we would have to wade through a couple of cut throughs, we didn't bargain on wading up to our hips. See picture above. It was quite wide and hip deep. It is tidal, so had we waited around a few hours it might have got a little less. It might have also had a bit to do with the numerous little black crabs skittering about and I mean a lot - 50 - 100 just under the first rock. There were tons of small fish too - so it wasn't really appealing to wade through this.

It is basically an area of mangroves and supposedly a great bird watching area. We did see a number of different ones that we couldn't identify. I think we will have to join the Natural History society in the fall and go on some of their trips with people who know the local birds and flowers. This flower was growing on bushes in the swamps and reminded me of the ones at home as they had a very strong perfurme, with tiny flowers, like wolf willow. It must be in the same family.

This was growing out of the ground in various places and it turns into this brown crispy thing and you see lots of those. I will post that next time. This is very yellow and bright and waxy.
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